How I found the best cyclist gift idea

It’s that time of the year people start thinking about gifts. Presents.

The holidays are nearly here and there are quite a few people you wish to surprise with a sweet, beautiful gift. Yeah, some of them ride bicycles. Others don’t but they know how much you love cycling. They know you are a cyclist by heart.

keepe riders

It is never easy to find something special, truly different yet charming, to gift a precious person. The more you browse online for that one special item to buy, the more overwhelming it feels. So you do the right thing. Get off of that screen, grab your bike and go riding. Clean your brain.

The wind rushes in your ears and you keep pedaling, pushing forward, harder, stronger. The landscape around moves past you like a video game, a movie. Now your breathing is steady and rhythmic. It’s that time.

The time your mind clears. Your brain is focused. Cycling long enough does that to you. Brings clarity of thought. And then you remember. You remember her or him. The person you share your passions with. The passion for riding bicycle. Or the person you really love, cyclist or not. You want to be generous. To express your love and affection, but more than anything you want it to be special. A unique gift from a special person. Something no one else got yet. But what is it? what will that gift be?

You keep pedaling, your muscles are pumped. You have that feeling of creativity, a fresh and new wavelength running your synapses. You know what everyone else will buy. A high end tool kit, a smart bicycle helmet, a bicycle saddle employing new technology.

The options are numerous but you want something else. The person you wish to show your appreciation to already has almost everything an enthusiastic cyclist might need.

You know you are not going to give them some more cycling gear. Your present will be different. It will however still be an item related to bicycles, you know that. And it will be a gift with style, bicycle style.

Like so many riders you love the look of those well engineered bicycle parts. Cogs, chain links, levers and pullers. When new, they look like precious objects, shining and smooth, pleasant to touch, curious sometimes. These geniously designed parts of a machine that together give you so much satisfaction when you ride.

Could there be somewhere an item that unites both worlds, purpose and imagination? A gift that expresses beauty and technology, function and form? Something that brings together both left-brain and right-brain?

You are so concentrated on this discovery process, and your body is so in tune, you haven’t noticed you missed that turn of the path you wanted to take on your way back. You don’t care, the pleasure of optimal riding is all encompassing. You keep going, pedaling even smoother now. You take the next turn where a traffic light stops you.

There’s another cyclist waiting for the green light next to you, sitting on what looks like a very new racing bicycle of an attractive design. Waiting for the light you casually check out the bike.

Your eyes are scanning the front wheel and follow the fork up to the handlebars, and reach at the rider’s palms gripping the bars. Just before the light goes green and the bike next to you launches forward, takes a left at the crossroad and disappear, you notice something.

Something small yet attractive. A shining object. Some kind of item on that cyclist’s wrist. The sparkle grabbed your attention.

You didn’t get enough time to see exactly what this curious object was. Could this be a gadget you never heard about? Could it be the item you’ve been looking for? The one cycling item you want to give as a present to someone special? You decide to find out what exactly it was.

Now you are in a sort of chase. You take the turn the racing bike took before they disappeared and you see them about half a mile ahead on the street, moving forward relatively fast. You can make it. Catch up with them. And you do.

Perhaps that rider slowed down, or maybe your eagerness to find out what you saw on their wrist but you are now nearly next to that rider. Just a few more pushes.

Now you see it. The thing you’ve been chasing. It’s a sprocket. A very fine and accurate miniature version of a bicycle sprocket. Such a beautiful looking piece of jewelry. A bracelet.

It’s glimmering, reflecting the street light in sparkles of silver, dancing on that wrist gripping the handlebars as the rider pushes forward. The sprocket is fastened around the wrist with an orange cord, producing an interesting contrast with the five silver shine.

Your eyes now meet. The rider just noticed you came along.

Hey, that’s really cool, you shout over the traffic noise.


That bracelet, that’s a cool looking piece of jewelry, you say while motioning with your eyes at the bracelet.

You both slow down naturally.

Where did you get that silver sprocket bracelet? You ask again.

It’s a present. Got it last week, the answer comes.

The rider spells out the name for you: Keepe.

Look it up: KEEPE DOT BIKE said the rider

Back home you find the website. And you have the answer. It’s a relief. No more searching.

No need to look for the newest hi tech sunglasses, smart bicycle helmets, new saddles, handle grips, cycling backpacks, gadgets and accessories. You found the perfect gift to give this holiday season. And it fits both cyclists and ordinary people wonderfully.

It expresses your love. Your love for the person you are going to gift that Keepe item to. And your love of cycling. A Keepe piece of cycling jewelry answers your quest, finally.

On the Keepe website you find a rich selection of cycling items. These will fit your criteria. You’ve been searching for an idea, nearly gave up and went for the dull and mundane: getting more gear for people who already have enough of it.

Keepe cycling jewelry is the perfect gift: simple yet elegant, original, tasteful, unique, precise, precious and just beautifully made. Necklaces, bracelets and rings made of silver and recycled bicycle chain links, wheel rims and more.

These bicycle jewelry pieces go together with almost any clothing style, they fit men and women just as wonderfully, and they are all about the love of cycling. Just what you were looking for.

It is a coincidental and unexpected gift idea that came to you from a stranger, a fellow unknown rider you happen to stand next to waiting for the light to turn green. And it did turn green.

BMX riders, commuter cyclists, mountain bike riders and any other cycling lovers. Regardless of what type of bicycle your friends and colleagues love riding – they are going to be delighted with a gift that is different from the regular bike stuff.

An item that hints about their favorite sport and does it with elegance and beauty. A present that communicates who you are and what your passion is without saying a word. Just like, it is when you ride, focused, pedaling, and moving forward.