Looking to buy a cycling gift for a close friend or family member, but have no idea what to get?

You would like to buy your friend/husband/wife/colleague/neighbor….  the perfect gift for cyclist.

You have a friend that all is life spins around bicycle. He rides to work and after work and he already have all the gadgets a cyclist can dream of.

You would like to get him the best gift for bicycle rider and to make him feel special and to let him know how special he is for you, yet to acknowledge there is this tiny cycling fetish in his life…. here are some gifts that will make his or her heart spin.

We have collected our top rated, most sold products that are being ordered as gifts for avid cyclist.

It all started when we have faced the same issue as you do right now. We love and breath bikes. During the week we commute to work, on weekends (and sometimes early in the morning) we either on our mountain bikes in the nature that surrounds us or with friends on our racings bikes riding in peloton (with an escorting car as safety….)

It all started when Ori was looking for a nice present to get his wife, she rides a racing bicycle and they cycle together with friends on weekends. All of their group are well equipped and he couldn’t find a nice present and unique gift to buy her…….so basically, she was our first costumer,  that day she wasn’t even a costumer but after she have received our blockbuster, the Multi recycled bicycle parts bracelet and the looks of jealousy she have received from their group or friend it hit us and we have understood that we have a business here. Since than we have expanded our collection and we have tons of happy costumer that we have solved them a real issue, getting their loved ones the best gift for cyclists.