Gifts for bicycle lovers collageShi*% the holiday season is getting closer. Don’t get me wrong, I love this season but like any great time it also has its little small things that sit on you like a 5-ton truck.

Every year I face the same challenge. GIFTS!!!  what do I buy for my loved ones? I need to find things that will express my love, appreciation won’t be banally will be original and it won’t generate any complains or any talks behind my back.

We meet, we get around, we talk; it’s fun it’s recharges the soul and fills me with energy, but always there is big thingy in the air, unseen, this big elephant in the room that no one explicitly call him by his name. like the “Voldemort” of the holidays. How did everyone overcome this gifts challenge?

I love to buy gifts that symbol something. I want my gifts to have a meaning to express something like wellbeing, lifestyle, chic and to be cool and updated. I want them to be original and useful.

I hope that they won’t set aside immediately, get dusty a week after and finish their life in some dark closet. If there something that makes me happy is to be able to find this great meaningful gift.

Well, if it wasn’t an issue that everybody face I would probably won’t find myself so frustrated writing this blog. I know there are tons of blogs that cover this issue but still, I have yet found what I was looking for… so I decided to check for myself and once and for all solve this issue at least for this year and share.

I love cycling, I love bicycle and love the lifestyle and the world of accessories that surround it. After long search I found some cool bicycle related products that are either unique or special or cool or this kind of things “why no one have thought about it before” and some are just essential and some are just cute.

After some digging I decided to share few of them. One of the options isn’t directly related to bicycles but it was so unique that I decided to add it.


Keepe – takes used bike parts and let them roll to their new upcycled purpose as jewelries for cyclist.

This can be the most original present. If you look for someone that love cycling or care about the environment I believe this website would be a perfect fit.

You will be able to find Up cycle jewelry made from used bike parts.

They are so cool, fashionable and not very pricy and gives you great value. They are symbol of recycling and repurposing, continuation life style and wellbeing. So if you are cool or from the green type or just love bicycles Check and you will thank me 😊

Gravity Check

I like  my friends to dress well and there isn’t anything better from  for riders to wear gravity check.

Same as Billabong and Quicksilver done to the surfing fashion Gravity Check did to the cycling fashion. The offer cool trendy clothing for urban cyclist.

From a place to store your phone to bright stripes functioning as reflectors so you will be seen better. It is cool, comfy, trendy and useful.  Check it out HERE

Miga safety C2 sport helmet

Since I really love my loved ones I always think on their safety .

Miga has recently lunched the C2 sport helmet.

It will perfectly fit both urban riders who seek safety with the integral bright LED. And also leisure riders who seek in-mold quality, stylish and comfort helmet.

Sizes: 54-58, 58-62cm

Color: Turquoise, white, black

Weight: 260gr

Shop C2 Now

Rainbow Canvas Printing

The perfect gift for bicycle riders, visualize your favorite pictures riding on bicycle on the wall and deliver them to your home.

Download Rainbow printing app from the link

IPHONE users get it printed from the website

  1. Choose picture of you or your friend riding a bicycle
  2. See how it looks on your wall using Rainbow Printing app special technology
  3. Get it printed on canvas and deliver them to your home
  4. Stick it on your wall no nails are needed