Brick and click is a business model used by merchants to operate both an online store and a physical retail outlet.

As a ‘Digital-First’ lifestyle and fashion brand – Keepe focus in e-commerce and in online marketing. The move of expanding to the offline space (O2O – Online to Offline) taken when two (different) bicycle shop owners suggest to present Keepe product’s to their customers in the shop desk or in a special desk point of sale. Both say that a cyclist jewelry can be synergy product to the customers.

People buy and wear jewelry for many reasons. As a personal adornment, because they know, they can enjoy it, because they can pass it down and enjoy watching other people wear it. Because it symbolize something for them and many more other reasons.

Athletes, extreme or sport active persons love to wear a jewelry item that represent their passion sport or activity. Wave surfers wear jewelries that looks like them. Jewelry is simplistic, minimal and has a great sense of fluidity. Same as bikers and of course cyclists. Jewelry that symbolizes their love for cycling

Shopping is an emotional experience, especially when a fashion, style of beauty are involved. People like the touch and feel of what they’re buying. Online shopping removes that emotional, tactile element that people love to have in-person.

Well, the problem is that store need to keep inventory and you always need a point of sale, that take space in the store.

So we found a solution – a Phygital (Physical + Digital) solution.  Our model based on the affiliation model – Affiliate business model works on the principle of commission. Merchants advertise and sell their products through partners (affiliates) websites and other mediums. Affiliate get paid every time someone either buys something or executes the desired action.

We took the affiliate model and adapt it the physical stores. Each store receive its unique promotion code and a QR code print on placement A4 size. Few stores keep one item from our collection so the

Store customers scan the code and redirect to our website.  This is win-win-win model. We get more sales and more customers. Store get paid for each sale from the store (and do not need to keep stock ) and Customer get discount from his purchase while he using the store code.