About Keepe

Keepe is about finding your inner strength to cope with whatever life throws at you. About pedaling on, taking advantage of your inner resources to deal with life’s crises, using what you have within to overcome difficulty and move on.

We all deal with challenges or crises in life, some are minor and some require more energy to overcome. Challenges show themselves in many ways. The loss of someone dear, a financial crisis, a romantic breakup…or something totally personal and unique to you, something you are having a hard time dealing with.

Keepe began when we encountered just such an obstacle. We had to gather all our strength, energies and resources to overcome it. The only thing that was clear to us is that we had to keep on going, keep moving forward, keep on pushing – that is the only way in life.

Just keep pedaling

As cyclists, we remembered that life is like cycling and we knew we had to keep pedaling and push forward, even though it felt like we were facing a very steep slope. But we had motivation. We had inner resources. We had our hearts and our brains and our muscles. We were not afraid to fall – he who falls and gets up is much stronger than the one who never fell. So we pushed on forward. Just like the famous children’s story about the little train that could we said: “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.”

FINALLY.  We did it. We made it. We reached the peak, that point where you feel the worst is behind you, where you start to see a brighter horizon. It felt great!

The first step 

That was the moment that Keepe took its first steps. We started to tell our story in a way that reminded us of our journey, our struggle and the way we traveled, of how we used our existing resources and energies to overcome adversity. So, we started to create handmade, upcycled products, jewelry such as steampunk bracelets and bike bracelets, and other repurposed creations mostly based on bicycle parts, to bond us and to remind us of our shared victory and mutual path. And we felt that we were starting to make a difference, helping people find hope when facing challenge, through our own unique experience.

Keepe is an abbreviation of keep pedaling. It will symbolize for you, your loved ones or your friends your bond and your mutual victory and hope. It will remind you that if you believe in yourself, you can overcome any hardship.

Keepe is about overcoming a challenge, Keepe is about continuation, Keepe is about using your inner power and finding your inner strength.

So keep pedaling and let life roll!